What is a Shalom Retreat?

2015-01-03_Wordle_Shalom_Retreat“The Shalom Retreat truly woke me up to obstacles in my life so close I could not see them. It changed my life.”

How can you transform on a Shalom Retreat?

In this three-day retreat, you can:

Free your body. Wounds from the past are held in our bodies. They can cause physical pain, anxiety, depression, and even illness. By releasing these pent-up emotions, our bodies can feel renewed and free.

Live your love. Each of us is born with the ability to love and be loved. When we learn to stay for the hard conversations, we experience whole-hearted love. Choose to love yourself and others.

Open up your life.  On a Shalom Retreat, our unique gifts are reflected in the eyes and hearts of others. All paths are honored here: mind, body and soul. Filled with new energy, life is never on autopilot again.

Come home to yourself.  Shalom Retreats provide a loving community, where all of who you are is welcome. You are seen, heard and accepted by a diverse gathering of people who meet in a common ground.

What happens on a Shalom Retreat

This intensive retreat is a transformational experience that gives you the equivalent of 5 years of individual psychotherapy in one weekend. It begins on Thursday evening and continues to Sunday afternoon.

Together, we build a safe and accepting community. In this safe space, each person has an opportunity to do a piece of individual work. The focus person is guided to use the wisdom of their inner process to reach a deeper connection with whatever experience needs to emerge. These retreats are a wonderful place to do deep emotional work and connect with anger, grief, fear – and joy – in a safe and loving environment.

This intensive growth experience has these essential elements:

  • Skilled and compassionate leadership
  • Experiential exercises grounded in psychology, including Gestalt, Core Energetics, role playing, and story telling
  • Focused time for your own personal work with the retreat leader
  • A community where each person is held with respect and love
  • A reverence for spirit and the mystical journey

We invite you to explore and celebrate the journey of your life with loving consciousness.

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Shalom Mountain Retreat and Study Center

Shalom-House by John Bottone

Shalom Retreats were born at Shalom Mountain Retreat and Study Center (pictured above) in the Catskills of New York State. Since 1969, Shalom Mountain has been on the cutting edge of personal transformation and healing.  It is a place that honors all spiritual paths and is not bound by any specific religious beliefs.

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