The Whidbey Institute

View this short video on The Whidbey Institute, Whidbey Island, Washington, where Shalom Orca retreats are held.

“You’ll enjoy bounty from our abundant vegetable and herb garden.” So true. Some of the best food around, organic, fresh and oh so tasty.

The Whidbey Institute, which hosts our Shalom Orca Retreats, is a place of renewal and inspiration, and home to the bold seekers of positive change.  The Institute nurtures and connects people who are doing uncommon work for the common good. Woven throughout their work is the spirit of the land.

The Whidbey Institute, 100 acres of temperate rainforest mixed with sunny meadows, lies in the heart of the Salish Sea, about 30 miles north of SeaTac airport. The Board and people at the Institute are vital, engaged, and heartful. Their mandate is to support leadership transformation, ecosystem vitality, and thriving communities. Part of a growing culture, they are knitting together people to nurture both the human community and the natural world as integral parts of a whole. 

This is a beautiful place, where you can feel at home, be nourished and inspired. Retreatants stay in cabins in the woods and at the farmhouses of a late nineteenth century Finnish farm, now completely modernized and updated. Most people will share a 2-bed room with one other person, but if you snore or have special sleeping needs let us know, as there are a few single bed rooms and cabins.  

Retreat work is held in the soaring interior of Thomas Berry Hall, and the treehouse-like Sanctuary, built by hand from local and salvaged timbers. During breaks, you can wander the forest trails, walk the stone Chartres-style labyrinth, or explore the meadows and gardens.

The Whidbey chef prepares delicious organic meals, with some of the produce is from their garden. Breakfasts are an ample array of cereal, granola, items that are freshly baked, eggs, bacon, fruit and more. Lunches and dinners include meat, fish, and vegetarian options along with amazing fresh salads and side dishes, and between-meal snacks include fruit and homemade cookies and brownies.  If you have any food preferences such as gluten-free, or dairy-free, or things you love or want to avoid, just let us know.



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